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Test 5 Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17

Test 5 Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17

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    • Product Name: Test 5 Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17
    • Item NO.: 4315717795918
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    The size of your partner's dick is one of his most significant assets. It's more precious than any jewel you have in your closet and more distinct than anything you have in your wardrobe. It's just one of a kind.

    Now, you have no problem with its size. You enjoy the feeling it creates. But, as you are a sexual whore who likes to experiment, you have been having trouble fitting his enormous cock inside your ass.

    Of course, that is understandable because the ass has a different structure as compared to the vagina. What you need now is a trainer to open up that tight hole and make way for your man's manhood.

    The TEST 5 Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17" will ease you into opening your behind. The solid metal plug with a length of 2.95 inches will exercise your back hole to open up. Metal is an excellent medium for this because it's nonporous and hypoallergenic too. Also, the tapered design of the plug gives beginners like you to take things easy as you go. With the 2.95 inches girth, your ass will happily open up as you place this inside.

    Another stunning detail of this toy is the brown tail. The 15.75 inches - 16.54 inches faux fur will tickle your lover's fancy as you sway and swing around. Grab your collar, a leash, and mask and, your animal role-playing will be on point.

    Practice makes perfect. But make sure you add the right amount of lube to make the insertion easier. Also, you have to make sure you wash this after each use. You don't want any nasty bacteria harboring on the surface of the plug.

    Celebrate the size of your partner's dick. Practice with this tail plug today!


    Plug: Silver

    Tail: Light brown

    Type Tail Plug

    Plug: Metal



    Handle: 15.75 in. - 16.54 in.

    Plug: Small 2.95 in.


    Handle: NA

    Plug: Small 1.10 in.

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Test 5 Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17
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