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Purple Jeweled 3  Stainless Steel Plug

Purple Jeweled 3 Stainless Steel Plug

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    • Product Name: Purple Jeweled 3 Stainless Steel Plug
    • Item NO.: 622837268538
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    Our Purple Jeweled 3" Stainless Steel Plug is the total package when it comes to anal fun. This device includes two different sizes of plug and also comes a vibrator, so you know that your anal needs are completely covered. 

    The smaller plug has a length of 7.5 cm and a width of 2.5 cm, just enough proportion for those just beginners in anal play. The medium plug has a length of 8.3 cm and a diameter of 3 cm which will be ideal for those looking to step up their anal play. The plugs are made of stainless steel which delivers that amazing heavy feeling inside the anus and also facilitates smooth insertion. 

    If you want to add extra kink in your naughty play, just soak the plugs in hot or cold water and that is added lustiness in every touch! The plugs are very easy to clean. Just use water and soap, dry thoroughly and store in a dry, cool place. 

    This device comes with a vibrator so you know all your needs are being catered to! For the kinky ladies who want to improve their solo play, then this set is for you. Place the plug inside the bum and then use the vibrator to fuel that growing lust. That is double stimulation that will surely give you a fantastic finish like you have never felt before! 

    When you feel a little horny but still need to get through the day, how about positioning one of the plugs inside your ass and then going about, doing your daily task? That would just be the extra kink your stale day needs! And then at the end of the day, finish it off with your partner with some steamy anal action for a great end to a horny day. 


    Handle: Purple

    Plug: Silver

    Vibrator: Purple

    Type Jeweled Plugs, Vibrator

    Handle: Acrylic Crystal, Stainless Steel

    Plug: Stainless Steel


    Plug: Small- 7.5 cm (2.75 in.)  Medium- 8.3 cm (3.27 in.)

    Vibrator: 9.5 cm (3.74 in.)


    Plug: Small- 2.5 cm (0.98 in.) Medium- 3 cm (1.18 in.)

    Vibrator: 1.8 cm (0.71in.)

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Purple Jeweled 3 Stainless Steel Plug
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