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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Ice Axe Cosplay

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Ice Axe Cosplay

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    Was $99, now through Nov 30th on sale for $89! Need two axes? The second axe will ship free! *As seen at the Crystal Dynamics and XBox display at San Diego Comic-Con!* *Convention Approved!* Finished product is very light weight and slightly bendable/flexible. Not completely indestructible, but perfect for cons! This axe is made of semi-rigid urethane casting resin by a two part silicone mold. This resin is a semi-rigid plastics that offer excellent impact resistance while maintaining flexibility. Axes are hand painted. Real metal hardware, ace bandages and blood effect included. *I cannot 100% guarantee it, but this prop should be approved by MOST conventions" *********************************************** CUSTOMER COMMENTS: This is amazing! Well balanced, solid, and detailed. I love that there is so much care put into it, the bolts through the top are filed down to they don't scrape or scratch, the "blood" on the handle has finger imprints, it's light but definitely not breakable. Not only all that but it was SUPER quick! The shop owner was really responsive and friendly. I plan on making more of the accessories myself, but I could never make a piece like this, let alone this well! You can tell that the creator went above and beyond to make this look like a legitimate prop. Perfect details to the ice axe and wrap distressing! Perfect replica. The axe looks identical to the concept art for the game, but even more, it looks genuine and authentic, and not like a prop at all. The fine details are spectacular, such as the distressed medical cloth tape around the handle, and the intricately molded base shape. Even the blade has subtle grooves. From a distance, it looks like an actual climbing axe. The maker was also able to meet a very inconvenient deadline that I set, with time to spare. This replica axe is amazing !! I also own the real Rebel Dmm ice axe and you can hold it up to Tara's version and they are so identical that you can't tell them apart! She's worked magic with this and I'm very proud to be able to wear it as part of my Tombraider cosplay. thanks Tara!

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Ice Axe Cosplay
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