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Fluffy Pink Leather Collar With Leash

Fluffy Pink Leather Collar With Leash

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    • Product Name: Fluffy Pink Leather Collar With Leash
    • Item NO.: 4491707908174
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    Looking for a collar and leash that will make your puppy look cuter? Here’s the Fluffy Pink Leather Collar With Leash to grant your wish!
    The collar is 2.17 inches thick, and it has a total length of 19.29 inches. The panel has six punch holes for adjustability, ensuring a comfortable, non-choking fit. There are rivets on the collar to complement the silver-colored metal leash. Additionally, three D-rings are supplied for proper positioning of the swivel hook of the leash. The removable leash features links that are seamlessly made and connected for durability. The end of the leash is a leather loop for ease of holding the leash and leading your rambunctious pup.
    Put on the pink leather collar on your puppy. To secure it, insert the tip into the buckle, find the right hole, then insert the buckle tongue through. This will keep the collar stay in place on your puppy’s neck no matter how frisky your play gets. It’s time to take your little puppy for a walk!
    If your pup misbehaves, remember Cesar Milan’s technique: a gentle kick on the side will do the trick. Reward your pet for good behavior by giving treats and removing the leash so your pup can roll over, jump, and do what he/she wants freely. Besides teaching your whelp some tricks at home, why don’t you go for a camping trip? Leash your pup and bask in the sun or watch the stars. Isn’t it great to hear your puppy’s echoing bark? 
    Being the master, you want your pet to look clean and neat. With regular use, the collar gathers dirt over time. Because it’s leather, it’s best to wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. It’s that easy.
    You can never truly enjoy some steamy pet play without this collar and leash, so you better grab one now!

    Color Pink, Silver
    Material Collar: Leather, Metal, Faux fur 
    Leash: Metal, Leather
    Collar: 14.17-19.29 inches
    Leash: 28.94 inches
    Collar: 2.17 inches
    Leash: N/A


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Fluffy Pink Leather Collar With Leash
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