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Cutie Kitty Leather Collar

Cutie Kitty Leather Collar

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    • Product Name: Cutie Kitty Leather Collar
    • Item NO.: 4491708334158
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
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    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    Feeling less enthusiastic about going to bed with your honey? If your chemistry in bed has faded, it’s time to work things out before one of you searches for the lost thrill outside your relationship. Sex is essential between partners because it brings them closer and more intimate. Reclaim what was once passionate and exciting sex by exploring new ways to make things more fun and introduce a new dynamic to slip into a new world of sensuality.

    One great way to capture the thrill and live your fantasy is to do kitten play, where one plays the role of a trainer/owner, and the other acts out as a kitty. There’s nothing cuter and more enigmatic than a kitten, so let your partner get on all fours! Furry ears, a lush tail…what else? Complete the ensemble by making your kitten wear the Cutie Kitty Leather Collar.

    The collar is made of PU leather, so not a single animal was ever harmed during the production. It’s available in three colors: red, white, and black. The golden metal pieces are made of alloy. The centerpiece is a beautiful heart-shaped lock that comes with a key. You can attach a leash on the D-ring if you want. The comfy collar is made adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. Designed with a well-made buckle, it will stay secure around your kitten’s neck. All the hardware is free from sharp edges, so your partner’s skin is safe from unwanted scratches.

    Whenever you want to escape reality and want to be a little frisky, put this collar on your partner’s neck to enjoy kitten play. Pet, groom, or pamper your purring companion, or punish your pet for misbehaving. Get ready for more cuddles as all kittens love to get warmed!

    Are you excited to play with a cuddly kitten? Buy the Cutie Kitty Leather Collar today! 

    Color Black/White/Red
    Material PU Leather, Alloy
    Length: 16.14 inches (total), 11.8 -15 inches (Adjustable length)
    Width: 1.73 inches


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Cutie Kitty Leather Collar
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