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Cat Tail Large Silicone Plug, Black 18

Cat Tail Large Silicone Plug, Black 18

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    • Product Name: Cat Tail Large Silicone Plug, Black 18
    • Item NO.: 2492921839674
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    There is something about cats that makes them look sexy. The way they walk and even just the resting bitch face they possess to give them a distinctive look. They have this cute semblance when they want something from you, and they won't stop unless you have fully swooned. Feisty and persistent, that's how they gain their sultry reputation.

    Got a woman like that? Make her look just like a cat with this Cat Tail Large Silicone Plug, Black 18".

    This 18 inches plug is everything you can ever imagine. It's soft, fluffy, and incredibly lightweight. It will sexily sashay back and forth as your partner walks, so you better prepare yourself for that!

    The plug is made of silicone base material, making the whole ensemble beginner-friendly. You can insert it inside your partner's tush without overwhelming her. That's because it has a squishy and flexible structure. More than that, you can also trust this piece not to cause rashes or leave her butthole scathed. It is hypoallergenic and well-polished, so there's no need to worry. Both the tail and plug are durable, too. It promises to give you years of feline-inspired carnal pleasure.

    To put it inside your partner's butt, you will need a water-based lubricant. Put some on your finger and gently massage her hole for stimulation. Add more on the surface of the plug and gradually push it in. Doing it this way will prevent her from feeling startled.

    Maintaining this intimate product is easy, too. All you have to do is wash the plug with warm water and mild soap regularly. Brush the tail once in a while to avoid the hair from tangling. It is also advisable to put it inside a ziplock for dust-free storage.

    Complete your partner's ensemble when you buy a cat's ears headdress, which is also available on this site. Come on; add the products to your cart now!

    Color/Type Black
    Material Plug: Silicone
    Dimension Length:
    Tail: 18 inches
    Plug: 3.74 inches
    Plug: 1.61 inches


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Cat Tail Large Silicone Plug, Black 18
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