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8  Tail Plug Khaki And Black Raccoon Tail Plug Stainless Steel

8 Tail Plug Khaki And Black Raccoon Tail Plug Stainless Steel

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    Thinking about your next kinky move in the bed can sometimes be exhausting and gets a little complicated over time. You don't want to push it too far but of course, you want something good and something that your partner will never forget. 

    The 8" Tail Khaki and black Raccoon Tail Stainless steel plug can be your secret weapon. This toy features a plug that is made of premium stainless steel, very sturdy and at the same time has inherent smooth properties for easy insertion. 

    With a length 7 cm and a width of 2.8 cm, this toy will definitely open up those sphincters and fill in those hungry anal spots. Steel is hypoallergenic and will be a breeze to clean. You can use soap and water to wash it, wipe it dry, store in a cool place. Aside from that, steel is a very nice material if you are into a great temperature play, just incorporate a little chill or warmth in the plug and you are ready to touch those erogenous areas for added stimulation that will take you to an all-time high. 

    This plug also features a very lush raccoon tail that will excite your animalistic hunger. Your master will be very pleased when you insert this tail plug and play the helpless little animal he/she can save and take care of. Your roleplaying will never be the same. 

    This handle also doubles as a safety base that will prevent the toy from going up the anal canal. Furthermore, you can use this plug to add stimulation to your solo play. By placing them inside the tush and rubbing your favorite spots, it will take you to a hard finish you will never forget.

    So take a risk and try anal stimulation now, you can thank us later.


    Handle: Brown, Black

    Plug: Silver

    Type Tail Plug

    Plug: Steel Plug




    handle: 22 cm (8.66 in.)

    plug: 7 cm (2.75 in.)


    handle: N/A

    plug: 2.5 cm (0.98 in.)


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8 Tail Plug Khaki And Black Raccoon Tail Plug Stainless Steel
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