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600Ml Rectal Irrigator

600Ml Rectal Irrigator

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    • Product Name: 600Ml Rectal Irrigator
    • Item NO.: 1874553864250
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
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    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    When sex is no longer exciting, life suddenly becomes a bit more depressing. If you’ve reached that point, you’ll look for ways to turn your life around. Douching is one of the oldest ways of cleaning a body cavity and vaginal irrigation turns out to be its most popular form. There are various health benefits of vaginal douching. Introducing a steady stream of water into the vagina to clean it leaving you confidently fresh after.

    Vaginal Douching helps remove unpleasant odor and unwanted discharge. Women who were into douching reported feeling fresh and clean after irrigating their vagina. Boost your confidence and give importance to your hygiene with our 600ml Rectal Irrigator.

    Our 600ml Rectal Irrigator is the ideal irrigator for you. It comes with a large plastic container which is capable of holding a large amount of fluid. The washing head is made of plastic and has no holes to prevent seepage of discharge. Its tube is made from silica gel, a material which is light, sturdy and easy-to-clean. Additionally, it is elastic and provides a steady flow of water.

    Ladies, if you are very particular on your hygiene, then our 600ml Rectal Irrigator is a must-have! Do not let the unwanted bacteria and foreign bodies disrupt the natural flora in your vagina. Help these flora protect your reproductive system.

    This amazing irrigator has a press-flush designed pump head which makes the whole equipment convenient to use. Every part is reusable provided these are properly disinfected after every use.

    For better result, make sure that the process is finished within a minute. Prolonged douching can destroy the natural balance of flora in the vagina. It could result in serious ailments like pelvic cancer, endometrial cancer, and bacterial vaginosis. This irrigator is also effective as a rectal irrigator for anal douching.

    Try our 600ml Rectal Irrigator now, every woman should have one!

    Color Pink
    Type Vaginal Irrigator
    Material Medical PP
    Length:  600 ml (bottle’s capacity)
    Width:  Approx.22 * 13 * 8cm


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600Ml Rectal Irrigator
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