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6.4  - 7.4  Masturbation Aid Glass Anal Plug

6.4 - 7.4 Masturbation Aid Glass Anal Plug

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    • Product Name: 6.4 - 7.4 Masturbation Aid Glass Anal Plug
    • Item NO.: 2453519728698
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    A lot of people who regularly engage in anal sex swear that it's one of the most enjoyable things they have ever discovered in their adult life.

    If you're one of those people who regularly enjoy anal sex because of the pleasure it provides, you would want to have a toy that helps you get your fill whenever you're all alone at home or you're on vacation all by yourself. There are lots of products out there, but you're still on the look-out for something that will blow you away because of its unique design and features.

    When it comes to anal play stimulation, butt plugs help fill the void and provide the thrill much like having an erect penis that moves in and out of your butt. Only this time, you have complete control over the whole situation and use your hands to dictate how the action unfolds.

    With our 6.4" - 7.4" Masturbation Aid Glass Anal Plug, you can choose from 3 different designs that can surely help you reach the apex of ecstasy quickly. The first design is a beaded blue anal plug that makes you pop your eyes in delight with every thrusting motion. The second toy, shaped like an octopus tentacle, can surely stimulate the nerve endings situated inside your anus and rectum. The last variant, on the other hand, is designed like an ice cream twirl in the shape of a penis. All of these toys will surely give you what you're looking for when it comes to anal play stimulation.

    To avoid inadvertently hurting yourself when masturbating, always use a lubricant to protect yourself. Please take note that the ass cannot lubricate itself that's why you need to have a bottle of lube right by your side.

    Need something extraordinarily sensational? Order now!

    Color Blue, Rose Red, Clear
    Type Butt Plug
    Material Glass
    Length: A:16.4cm (6.46in.), B:16.8cm (6.61 in.), C:18.8cm (7.40 in.)
    Width: A:2.3cm (0.90 in.) to 3.3cm (1.30 in.), B:3cm (1.18 in.),                        C: 1.66cm (0.65 in.) to 3.2cm (1.26in.)


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6.4 - 7.4 Masturbation Aid Glass Anal Plug
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