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5.3  Extra Large Anal Plug With Suction Cup

5.3 Extra Large Anal Plug With Suction Cup

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    • Product Name: 5.3 Extra Large Anal Plug With Suction Cup
    • Item NO.: 2453521006650
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: Unknown
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-03

    Have you ever wondered why so many people love to engage in anal sex and are addicted to it? If lots of people do it, they must be enjoying an out-of-this-world kind of fun, right? Otherwise, they'll just have to be content with the conventional way of having sexual intercourse.

    It's not that vanilla sex has become dull and boring; there's just something about going anal that makes it exciting and addicting. For one, the anus and rectum contain plenty of sensory nerve endings that rival those of the genitals.

    Second, nothing beats doing something adventurous for the sake of fulfilling one's sexual fantasies or desires. With that being said, we'd like to introduce our 5.3" Extra Large Anal Plug with Suction Cup.

    Make this your perfect companion when it comes to anal foreplay before plunging to action. You can choose from 4 different designs that are shaped in different ways to effectively stimulate the nerve endings inside your butthole.  

    Since it's made of silicone, you can be sure it won't cause any kind of allergic reactions for it is safe for body use. Silicone is smooth, non-toxic, and non-porous. This is an essential facet in the product's build quality because it won't require too much of your effort and time to clean and maintain it.

    It's also a big no-no to share your toy with anyone else. Doing this is not worth the risk for you might get infected with any of the sexually transmitted diseases. Another important thing you must remember is not to forego the use of a lubricant when you're getting down to business.

    Keep in mind that the anus cannot lubricate itself that's why lubrication is a must to ensure a pleasant and memorable anal sex session.

    So, what are you waiting for? Order now!   

    Color Purple
    Type Butt Plug
    Material Silicone Plug:
    Length: 13.5cm (5.31 in.)


    Model A - 2.3cm (0.91in), 3cm (1.18in), 2.5cm (0.98in)

    Model B - 2.6cm (1.02in), 2.5cm (0.98in), 2.1cm (0.83in)

    Model C - 3.5cm (1.38in), 3cm (1.18in), 3.5cm (1.38in)

    Model D - 3.3cm (1.30in), 3.1cm (1.22in), 3.5cm (1.38in)


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5.3 Extra Large Anal Plug With Suction Cup
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